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Hello Everybody!

I am a Floral Designer specializing in weddings, events, and daily florals in the beautiful city of San Diego CA. 

Like all good things in life, our dream started with a small idea and a desire to make a change. Change for us and change for all who would join us on this journey. We didn't ask for much other than your smiles and satisfaction. Throughout this process, we continue to learn and enjoy that small things make a difference and that our hearts continue to be filled. It might be a bouquet or a wedding but our dream continues to live through you.  

We deliver happiness around San Diego, every day we choose the most beautiful flowers that are artfully designed, and delivered to the door.

Kolibri also would love to be part of your wedding or event.

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Claudia Naivit Mustur (Founder) 

Est. 2019

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