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Floral Care

Congratulations! You received one of our beautiful designs. It means that someone special sent you love and happiness. Please read our floral care to ensure your Kolibri flowers live longer and pretty.

Kolibri Box & Kolibri Bag

Kolibri Boxes and Kolibri Bags are designed on a floral foam, which means you don't need to change the water but you need to add a half cup of water every 2 days, to your Kolibri Bag and a cup of water every 2 days to your Kolibri Box. Pour the water at the center of the box-bag, it will prevent the box-bag from getting soaked (boxes and bags are not water proof). Please keep your flowers away from direct sun light or heat, keep them in a cool room temperature. 

Kolibri Wraps

All our bouquets are delivered with a source of water. Once at home, place your flowers in a clean vase, and fill it with fresh water. Ensure that the leaves are not covered in water as it would create bacteria and would diminish the life expectancy of the flowers.

We don't believe in 'floral preservatives' because they are essentially just sugar, which makes your flowers bloom quicker and shortens their life cycle. However, we do recommend adding a splash of plain bleach to keep bacteria at bay. Change the water every two days and cut the stems at an angle every two or three days. Please keep your flowers away from direct sun light or heat, keep them in a cool room temperature.

Please keep following these instructions. This will ensure that your Kolibri flowers will live longer and always beautiful. Enjoy!

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